Thank you for visiting our website. Below is a list of questions frequently asked by our viewers.

BBC First availability in the Middle East

OSN, the region’s leading pay TV platform, became the exclusive home to BBC First in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) from 1 February 2016. OSN is the only place to watch the very best of British premium drama, with two hours of award-winning prime-time programming with Arabic subtitles.

BBC First gives audiences the very first chance to see stories that challenge, immerse and entertain, all with a unique British perspective. The brand new channel features hugely popular and critically acclaimed series such as brand new Sherlock and Luther alongside the BBC’s epic new adaptation of War and Peace. The long-running and hugely popular EastEnders is brought to OSN viewers soon after its UK broadcast. The channel is also the first place to premiere the BBC’s biggest drama titles and express to Middle Eastern and North African audiences. BBC First is available on channel number 215 on OSN.

As part of our global strategy, the channel has replaced the pan-regional BBC Entertainment channel with increased investment into content and key titles introduced with Arabic subtitles.

CBeebies availability in the Middle East

CBeebies launched as a linear channel in the Middle East & North Africa in April 2016 to subscribers of beIN DTH service. This is the first time CBeebies has entered the MENA market as a full channel and is available exclusively on beIN.

CBeebies is a safe haven for pre-schoolers to learn through play and explore and enjoy the world around them. The channel is already giving children from two to six, together with their parents and carers entertaining, interactive and educational programming in over 78 territories globally. Lighting up little learners with nourishing content, CBeebies is also the first TV channel to be recognised by the Mexican Paediatric Association for its role in children's education and development.

CBeebies is a 24-hour channel and is available in original English audio. It is available on the beIN platform channel number 134.

The schedule on my programme guide or EPG doesn’t match what is being broadcast on BBC First – can you help?

Although we distribute schedules to our partners, electronic programme guides (EPGs) are provided by operators and they are responsible for updating and sharing this information with their subscribers. All enquiries about the information available via this service should be directed to operators in the first instance. A useful way to check whether we can help with the problem is to check our TV Guide 1. If this corresponds with what you are seeing on the channel then the problem is local and your operator should be made aware. If however, both sources of information are incorrect please do let us know by getting in touch and providing as much information as possible, including the name of your operator.

Are your channels available online through this website or elsewhere?

Our international channels are not currently available online, but there are many clips available to view on this website, as well as games and other exciting features. We continue to investigate the possibility of making our channels available online and suggest that you continue to check the website from time to time for more information.

I am experiencing problems watching the channels – what can I do?

If you are experiencing technical problems with any of our channels, please contact your operator first. If they are unable to help, please get in touch with us. In order to investigate the problem for you fully, we will need details of the dates and times at which the problem occurred, the name of the programme if possible, and the channel and country in which you are watching. If you can also confirm through which operator you receive the channel, this would be really helpful.

Can you explain your repeat pattern?

Like all commercial channels in a multi-channel environment, our channels will normally repeat programmes at a different time of the day and/or at weekends. This allows for people coming to the channel at different times of the day to still see a selection of our great programmes, or to catch up on shows that they might have missed. We schedule the first run of programmes at key times, usually in the evenings.

We have made a considerable investment in programming for our Middle East channels and there are thousands of hours of fresh content planned in the first year alone. Even with all those hours it is necessary to run series more than once. As the channels grow, we hope to bring an even higher percentage of new material every month.

Can my child participate in a CBeebies programme?

Unfortunately this is not possible. The children who take part in CBeebies programmes are usually from the nurseries involved in the original filming or recording, or who have a specific link to the subject matter. As the majority of programmes on CBeebies are acquired and not produced directly by us, we are unfortunately unable to help you with queries of this nature. For details about audience tickets for shows filmed in the UK, you may find it useful to visit the BBC’s Shows, Tours & Events site -

Where can I buy a DVD of a BBC programme?

Whilst not all of the programmes which you see on our channels are commercially available, you may like to check DVD availability with online or local retailers.

Can I obtain a DVD of a programme for educational or training purposes?

Possibly, it depends on many things, including copyright restrictions, but it is sometimes possible to arrange for legitimate educational establishments to obtain a copy. For more information, please refer to the BBC Active website.

How can I contact BBC World News?

If you have feedback about anything you have seen on BBC World News or would like to submit a news story, please visit their Contact page. The schedules for BBC World News outside of the UK are available here.

How do I find out about employment opportunities? Can I send you my CV?

For general information, advice and the latest vacancies, please visit BBC Careers.

How can I submit a programme/TV format?

We work with the BBC and independent producers to develop commercial opportunities from their programmes and TV formats. We regret we are unable to consider or comment on unsolicited programme ideas.

If you wish to pitch your idea to the BBC please visit the BBC Commissioning website.

If you wish to contact an independent production company with your idea you could contact PACT, the industry association, for a list of companies to approach.

Permission to licence a clip from a BBC programme?

For information about licensing clips from BBC programmes please refer to the BBC Motion Gallery

Why can’t I watch programme clips on the website?

Much of the content on the website is aimed at UK users, so we negotiate rights to include video, audio, images and other types of content for the UK only. World rights are much more expensive, but we are hoping to make more audio and visual content available to our international audiences.

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